Annual Design Awards 2012

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We are delighted to present this amazing line up of high profile judges from around the world for the 2012 Annual Design Awards. Please take the time to read their biographies and learn a little about their achievements within the design industry.

The judging system will be based on a 1-5 star basis with all jury members voting on each. The design from each category with the highest overall score will become the winner of the Annual Design Awards. If there is more than one design within a category with the same score then our judges will be asked to choose their favourite. The most votes will win.

All entries are treated fairly and equally irrelevant of company size or stature.

To ensure impartiality, any members of our judging panel who are associated with any entries will not be allowed to judge that entry in order to prevent any conflicts of interest.

The main points which our judges are looking out for are as follows:

Creativity — The main aspect which our judges will score designs on will be creativity. Our judges will grade entries on the originality and creativeness of the design. The more creative and unique your design the better chance you stand of winning

Effectiveness — The most important job for a designer is to produce designs that are effective in communicating the intended message to the correct audience. It should not only show off your creative flair but also send the right messages out when marketing.

Website Design Category — The Best Website Design category will be based purely on design and visual appearance. Functionality and usability will no longer be taken into account when judging. The Annual Design Awards are all about excellence in visual communications so it has to look stunning and convey the correct message to be valued by our jury.

The Jury

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